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Panda Arowana Babies
Every year, hundreds of Panda Arowanas are born in our breeding ponds. All of them are offsprings of our elite adult Panda Arowanas. Resulting from our strict quality control, every Panada Arowana has full potential for its brilliant future, from day one.
Adult Panda Gold Arowana
Panda Gold Arowanas are hybrid of premium Red Tail Gold and Cross-Black Golden Arowanas. Moreover, over our years of refining process, Panda Gold Arowanas have become a new variety with excellent performance. A number of Panda Gold Arowanas are comparable with premium cross-black golden arowanas.
Adult Panda Red Arowana
Panda Red Arowanas are initially cultivated from genuine premuim red arowanas. Over the years, breeders of Panda Red Arowanas are strictly controlled to be adult Panda Red, to protect their pure bloodline from being distured.

Since red arowanas are rare and soughtafter, there are manay unethical practices, to enhance the red colorization, or even develop fake red arowanas. You can find out more details about these in our website.
Adult Panda Cross-back Golden Arowana
To meet the increasing demand of downards hybreeding practices appear and have polluted the bloodline of cross-back.

However, we always aim at quality other than quantity. Like Panda Red Arowanas, Panda Cross-back Golden Arowanas inherit the bloodline from their ancestors living in the wild. That is why the excellence of Panda Cross-back Golden Arowanas is never of wonder.
Baby Panda Axanthic Arowana
This variety is obtained in our breeding process of Panda Gold Arowanas, and uniquely bred by us. They own beautiful and special appearance, and they are highly rare.