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The Arowana Man
The Arowana Man at Aquarama 2003, Mr Kan is in his late fifties and married.

He graduated in 1970 from the University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Degree. His early career was in banking, merchant banking, and stock brokering. He then moved to join a company in the industrial sector, which is listed on The Singapore Stock Exchange. After 10 years with the company he left in July 1993 and held the position of Chief Executive Officer at the time of his departure.

Mr Kan has been keeping Dragon Fish or the Asian Arowana as a hobby since the early '80's and started Dragon Fish farming in 1996 after spending 2 years preparing and building the farm. He has successfully bred the Red and Gold Dragon Fish as early as 1992. Over the years and together with a close friend they have purchased a stock of over 200 Dragon Fishes (age 5 and above) that are now Founder Stocks breeding at his farm. Mr Kan's Dragon Fish farm spreads over 7 acres and operates under the name *Panda Aquatic Centre Pte Ltd. In addition, in January 1995, Mr Kan purchased 100 pieces of 4-month old F2 (second generation) captive-bred Dragon Fish. These fishes are now carefully reared by Mr Kan and comprise his brooders in one of his breeding programmes at the farm.

Mr Kan has immense knowledge and long years of practical experience rearing and breeding the dragon fish. He is well known within the Singapore Dragon Fish business and hobby community as an authority on the Dragon Fish and as a hobbyist that has been rearing and breeding very good quality Red (include the Blood red variety) and Gold Dragon Fishes.

Over the past two years, Mr Kan had worked on a comprehensive book about the dragon Fish. This book is being published by Tropical Fish Hobbyist and will be available to the public in late 1998 (This has been delayed till sometime in the second half of 1999). It is worthy to note that Mr Kan was invited to speak about Dragon Fish at AQUARAMA '95 on 27 May 1995 and AQUARAMA '97 on 25 May 1997.

* On 29 October 1997 Panda Aquatic Centre Pte Ltd was included in the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) Secretariat's register to breed Dragon Fish (Asian Arowana) in captivity for commercial purposes.