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About Us

We are an established Singapore company which specializes in the production of high quality Arowana for the hobbyist market. We have been breeding Arowana since 1992.

Resulting from our years of efforts made on quality control, the quality of Panda Arowanas is not only for today, but also for future. This quality uniquely belongs to us, a breeder with a perspective of lasting quality and a mission of bringing values to our customers.

Besides, we have been also improving our service quality to our customers. Even if you are a beginner to keeping asian arowanas, you do not need worry at all as you can find considerable useful knowledge and resources from Panda Aquatic Centre. Our quality tracking and following up after sales ensure that you will enjoy the whole process of keep Panda Arowanas. Therefore, if you have never kept Arowana before and a little frightened to enter this engrossing hobby, just contact us and we can provide obligation free advice.

All our Arowana are captive-bred from our farm in Singapore. Our company is registered with CITES (Convention in Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna). All our fish are humanely microchipped and certified for Authenticity and Quality. Our Arowana have been specially selected and quarantined to ensure that they are free of disease.

Our founder and president, Mr. Kan Tien Siong has been successfully breeding Arowana for the past 15 years. He is the co-author of a comprehensive book about Arowana published byTropical Fish Hobbyist, the worlds largest and most prestigious publisher of aquarium related books. He was invited to speak on Dragon fish at public seminars during Aquarama '95 and Aquarama '97.

We hope you could find our website informative and helpful during your experience of keeping asian arowanas.