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Sales and Enquiries
You have two ways to send your enquiries about sales to us:

1.You can drop an email at, or

2.Please fax all your enquiries to us on (65) 67324319 together with your email address where applicable.

We will reply to your enquiries as soon as possible. For your convenience, please refer to below for basic exporting procedure at Panda Aquatic Centre.

Our Panda Asian Arowanas are sold in cartons, each of which contains 6 pieces of fish individually-packed in double-layered plastic bags. The minimum order requirement is 12 pieces (2 cartons).

Our CITES' Registration Number is A-SG-506. We will be responsible for the CITES' Export permit as well as other export documentation requirements. Freight and packing charges will be added on the top of payment for your order.

The export procedure involves the following steps:-

1. We will require full payment of 100% of the fish cost plus freight and packaging cost on order confirmation. On receipt of payment, we will immediately apply for the CITES' Export Permit at our end from AVA Singapore and this will take about 4 working days to obtain.

2. We will fax or email you a copy of the CITES' Export Permit together with the Packing List which will show the tag numbers of the arowanas for you to apply for the CITES' Import Permit from your local CITES' authority.

3. On receipt of a copy of your CITES' Import Permit we will then ship the fishes to you within a week.

All our arowanas are tagged with PIT (Passive Integrated Transponder) and each has a certificate of warranty issued by Panda Aquatic Centre. We sell only arowanas which we breed ourselves and do not buy / import from other traders / farms to resell / export. Therefore, our arowanas' grades are authentic and quality true. Always check exporters for their own CITES' Registration No. to ensure that they are supplying their own farm-bred fishes and not from others whose fishes' authenticity and quality cannot be substantiated by such exporters as they are not the fishes actual breeder.

When an arowana arrives dead or dies within 24hours upon arrival, please have a picture taken and we will refund your payment on receipt of the electronic tag taken from the dead arowana (Terms and Conditions). However, such a situation occurring is very rare from our experience. Arowanas are very tough and take to traveling by air pretty well. We have sent our arowanas to Vancouver on transit to Calgary (the total time the fishes remained packed was over 40 hours) and they arrived safe and sound.