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To Beginners
First of all, we would like to help reducing your hesitation on your first step. Is arowana so hard to keep? The answer is 'No', and not only said by us. Any arowana keeper will tell you how hardy this type of fish is. The reason why beginners have the feeling of risk before keeping arowanas is completely because of their high prices. In the middle of 20th century, because of its majestic and beautiful appearance, and the Feng Shui belief shared by the Chinese community, asian arowanas start being chased by more and more people. As a result, wild asian arowanas become endangered due to overfishing at their original habitats, and trading of asian arowanas also got banned by CITES convention from 1970s. However, the demand on asian arowanas did not decrease or vanish after CITES stepped in. Any types of commercial activities on asian arowanas were illegal until 1989, when it was agreed that only farm-bred asian arowanas can be exported into markets. And that is also why asian arowanas become costly. Facing such high prices, new beginners have the fear of economic loss if any accident occurs, although arowanas are tough and easy to rear. 

Like other arowanas, such as silver and black arowanas native to South America, asian arowanas are ancient fish. Scientific evidence has demonstrated that marine Osteoglossidae, a direct ancestor of today's Asian arowana appears almost 54 million years ago [Theo 2007]. The fact that they can live till now demonstrates that arowanas have very strong flexibility to adjust themselves to the environments. In our records of export  to Canada (Dragonfish Canada), once a time a batch of Red Tail Golden Arowana was imported to Vancouver and then transferred to Rigena, Saskatchewan, Canada, the fish had been inside the sealed bags for almost 55 hours and still arrived without any events! All these facts imply that arowanas are hardy enough to survive in harsh environments, and therefore, they are definitely not hard to keep in your aquarium.

Nevertheless, asian arowanas are not so hardy that you can just leave them in the tank without further care. Like other species of tropical fishes, some experienceless mistakes can be fatal to your fish. In addition, you will need to learn a number of skills so that you can fully develop the potential of your fish. For a beginner, considerable information, such as how to select and rear your arowana, should be known and understood beforehand.

Thus if you are thinking of keeping asian arowana, try to collect as much information on arowanas as you can, such as which verity of asian arowanas is better for you, how the market is in your country, and most important, how to well grow your arowana, and in future how to develop its potential. If you have any questions or enquiries, please feel free to contact us and we are glad to help you out.

We hope you find this service page useful in answering your questions.