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Potential of Panda Arowanas

Benefit from our strict quality control, Panda Arowanas have become a arowana brand renowned by hobbyists all over the world. Superior quality of our arowanas makes Panda Arowana owners believe that Panda Arowanas are their choices for value. We are honored to receive various compliments and awards from hobbyists and organizations, which encourage us to breed and provide even higher quality Panda arowanas and services to our customers.

Aquarama 2001, New Species/Varieties Bred-in-Captivity, 2nd Prize, Mr.Kan Tien Siong, Panda Aquatic Centre.

Aquarama 2003, Grand Champion Arowana and Champion of Red Arowana Category, Panda Red Arowana, Mr. Derrick Goh.

Aquarama 2003, Champion of Gold Arowana Category, Panda Cross-back Golden Arowana, Mr. Derrick Goh.

Aquarama 2005, Big Size Class 1 - 2nd Prize Arowana, Panda Red Arowana, Mr. Josph Tan.