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If you are think of keeping your first asian arowana, we hope you can find useful information here.

To Beginners   Information & Suggestions from us to arowana beginner keepers.
Before Entering a Shop   What do you need to know before entering an arowana shop?
Getting Ready   What necessary devices and preparations should be ready and done beforehand?

If you are thinking of getting your next piece of asian arowana from us, we hope you could find the followings helpful:

Panda Arowana   What varieties of Asian arowanas do we have at Panda Aquatic Centre?
Quality Control   Our Efforts on Quality Control.
Our Honors   Have a look at the potential of Panda Arowanas.
Us in Media   Media Interviews and reports.

You can reach us via the following methods about your enquiries or questions. It is our pleasure that we can provide any help.

Visit Us   Visit us at our showroom.
Terms and Conditions   Our Terms and Conditions on Refund for loss on arrival