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Quality Control

At Panda Aquatic Centre, we have strict quality control measures to guarantee the quality of Panda arowanas. In our assessment system, good-quality arowanas should have proportional body shape, intense colorization and broad finnage. To meet these standards, throughout years of breeding Panda arowanas, we carry out the following measures to control the quality:

1.Gene Purity

To retain pure bloodline, our breeders will be only selected from Panda Arowanas, rather than arowanas from a different farm. 

2.Strict Selection on Brooders

From the very start, Panda Aquatic Centre keeps using strict criteria when selecting brooders. These criteria are in line with our quality control. We chose those arowanas having proportional body shape, intense colorization and broad finnage as Panda arowana brooders. After years of such a process, Panda arowanas own premium qualities and the quality variance is very low. Meanwhile, we buy back those premium adult Panda arowanas from our customers at higher prices. Placing these high-quality adult Panda arowanas in the breeding pond helps retain the gene of Panda arowanas, and thus guarantee the high quality of our arowanas. Moreover, keeping Panda arowanas also becomes a way of investment among Singapore arowana hobbyists. 

3.Original Habitat Breeding Ponds

Breeding ponds at Panda Aquatics Centre are built in line with asian arowanas' natural habitat. Benefit from this design, our yield of Panda arowanas is stable, and the habits owned by wild asian arowanas have been inherited by Panda arowanas.

Through all these types of quality control, Panda Arowana becomes one of the most trustable arowana brands.