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Terms and Conditions on Refund due to Accidents

Terms and Conditions on Refund due to Accidents

Throughout years of our export records, accident of death on arrival almost never happens. However, before ordering, please read our Terms & Conditions on Refund due to Accidents carefully. Chipping in order implies that you completely agree with the above Terms & Conditions.

1. Every piece of Panda arowanas is carefully packed under supervision of AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore). Therefore every piece of Panda arowana exported has the quality to be kept as an ornamental fish. For this reason, any complain about or refund request based on the appearance of Panda arowanas is unacceptable.

2. Although rarely seen, if death accident, neither caused by human nor vis majores, occurs right after landing, complete refund can be claimed after the on-the-spot proof processes: take pictures, remove PIT from the body and retract the certificate, is completed. However, death occurs after handing out is considered as human-caused, and thus refund is not applicable. Such accidents most probably due to, but not limited to the following reasons:

1. Death due to temperature drop or low oxygen when the customer fails to release the fish in time after collecting.

2. Death due to the mistake or carelessness when releasing the fish, such as fail to avoid temperature or water quality difference, or fail to age and clean the tap water.

3. Death due to toxic or harmful chemicals or materials left in a newly built tank.

4. Death due to the attack from other fishes existing in the tank.

5. The fish crashes on the tank to death when get scared by human activities.

6. The fish jumps out of the tank and dies.

7. Death due to low oxygen or low temperature caused by black out or lack of necessary equipments, such as air pump and heater, etc.

8. Other vis majores, such as earthquake, hurricane, etc.

To lower your own risk, please get your tank and necessary equipments well prepared before the day of arrival. You may also consult with us about your questions before or on the day. We will help our customers to figure out the problem and give some suggestions if the fish has any serious problem due to customer's carelessness or difficulties on knowledge.